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Ready for adventure? Solve mysteries, find lost treasures, and more — a night of fun delivered to your door every month!

The game felt so real that we started to wonder, do these places actually exist?

Your next case — what's in the package?

Photo of some of the content of the game Photo of some of the content of the game Photo of some of the content of the game Photo of some of the content of the game

You receive a mysterious envelope filled with clues and artifacts that could lead to the discovery of the lost treasure of Captain Edus Madok. Deep-dive into the ancient objects, articles, and expert resources to track down the location of the treasure.

Discover hidden websites, text with characters, send your team to remote islands, and get drawn into a world that will have you wonder: is this real?



Madok's Treasure
2+ hrs

Photo of some of the content of the game

Study the artifacts, articles, and resources.

The Society of Curiosities has recently acquired a lost artifact that could lead to the discovery of a long lost treasure.

Photo of some of the content of the game

Follow the leads, search the web, solve ancient mysteries.

Along with the artifact, the Society has prepared resources, as well as a team of experts. Where will the new information lead you?

Photo of the treasure the players find when they win the game

Dispatch your team to gather info and dig up the treasure.

Once you discover the location of the treasure, dispatch your team. What will they find?

The Society's gorgeous package is screwing with my perception of reality — again!
One of the most brilliantly immersive at-home games I’ve played.
The Society will have you texting, googling, researching, even bidding in real time on rare artifacts. I just don’t know how they do it, but they’re second to none!

Created by one of the top 100 escape room companies in the world.

Carefully crafting immersive experiences and novel puzzles since 2016!

Badge for award: top 100 escape rooms in the world Badge for award: top 100 escape rooms in the USA

The Society of Curiosities needs you!

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Play solo or with friends

Perfect as a solo game or a game with friends. You can also discuss the game on our online groups.

Explore an expansive world

Take in the story by exploring the rich world of characters, places, websites, and more.

Play from the comfort of your home

Study the game material, investigate online, and dispatch your team from the comfort of "the headquarters".

An immersive experience

You are a character in the story. Take your place in this vast world and solve the mystery.

Carefully crafted puzzles

Our award-winning game design team comes from the escape room design world and always crafts novel puzzles you've never seen before.

Your technology is part of the game

Use your phone or computer to browse the web, send text messages or emails to your team - it's all part of the game.

How much does it cost?

Games start at $19.50 - you can see all of our packages here.

How often will I receive a new game?

We will mail you a new episode every month!

Can I cancel at any time?


I have more questions. How can I reach out?

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